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Jane Howes, Peter Loveday, Michele Guerrini, Izabella Hearn, Lois May

1 – 3 hours per week


American English

Smarty offers a comprehensive approach by alternating between fiction-based and content-based introductory texts. It develops all four skills, and it is underpinned by social values. Its components are integrated in a way that provides an easy-to-follow, holistic course for teachers and students.

Smarty combines the latest learning methodologies. It provides:

  • Curricular flexibility.
  • Content, Communication, Cognition, and Culture—the four Cs of CLIL.
  • Individual and group work to increase learning efficiency.
  • Autonomy and personal initiative.

Step into the virtual learning environment for students and teachers to find:

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards.
  • Additional interactive activities.
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Digitalized Teacher’s Guide (English and Spanish).
  • App for online and offline use.

Common European Framework: A0 to A1+

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