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Toy Box 2.0

Diana Jones

4 - 6 hours per week


American English

Toy Box 2.0 enables young learners to acquire English naturally through stories and content-based themes that reflect the preschool curriculum.

Activities develop prereading and prewriting communication skills, an awareness of numbers, and an appreciation of nature, science, and art.

With Toy Box 2.0, learners:

  • Feel comfortable using the language.
  • Interact meaningfully with others.
  • Develop essential communication skills.
  • Develop intercultural awareness.

Take the learning process further and develop digital competencies with:

  • Interactive activities, animated songs, and stories
  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards.
  • Downloadable resources for assessment and progress checking.
  • Interactive posters and flashcards.

Common European Framework: A1


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