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Michael Downie, David Gray, Ivor Williams

5+ hours per week


American English

With i-world, there are opportunities on every page for teenage learners to express their ideas, apply their experience, and explore the world around them.

The series promotes critical thinking skills through meaningful communication activities and interactive tasks. A state-of-the-art learning platform helps the learning experience to go further with a blended approach that develops students’ 21st century skills.

i-world provides blended learning with a variety of digital resources available on a fully-integrated learning management system.

The series provides all the tools needed for blended learning, including:

  • Multiple entry points, structured for a variety of learning timetables.
  • A broad variety of authentic content and topics.
  • A functional grammar syllabus.
  • A focus on project work and cooperative learning.
  • Links to the World Book Online encyclopedia and other digital resources.

The virtual learning environment for students and teachers offers:

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards.
  • Interactive activities for practice and consolidation.
  • Downloadable resources for international exam preparation.
  • Videos, weblinks, and tasks on World Book Online.
Common European Framework: A1+ to B2

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