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Methodology ELW

ELW (English Learning Webs) is a methodology designed by two expert authors in ELT: Susan House and Katharine Scott.

The methodology was designed by selecting features and approaches such as:

• Cross-curricular (cross-cutting themes)
• Inquiry
• Creativity and critical thinking
• Coding
• Cultural focus
• Environmental awareness
• Anchor charts
All of this is interconnected through the teaching objectives to achieve the following learning goal: That students actively generate their learning by discovering and reflecting through ideas.

English Learning Webs covers the basic educational stages to provide a smooth progression.


Little Storytellers

Preschool students gain new ideas through language to let their imagination soar and become little storytellers.


Young Voyagers

Primary school students  discover through language new ideas as they become young voyagers.


Teen Investigators

High school students reflect through language on new ideas that will encourage them to become teen investigators.

Meet the authors of this methodology

Katharine Scott

Katharine Scott writes EFL course books, readers, songs, and videos. She has been involved in ELT as a teacher, head of studies, teacher trainer, editor, and writer for the past three decades. From her base in Madrid, Spain, she has travelled widely through Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, imparting courses and observing classroom cultures and teaching habits. She has designed study programs and written for all stages of English language learning within schools, from early learning through to secondary. Her work has been used in schools in Spain, Latin America, Turkey, China, and the Middle East. Katharine is the author of a paper on Transforming the Curriculum into Activities and Work for the Classroom in the essay collection “Classroom Practice” (2015) published by Spain’s Ministry of Education and Culture. She has designed and written materials for Natural and Social Science that are used in bilingual schools in Spain and the Middle East, as well producing study materials for Dorling Kindersley. As a writer of both textbooks and readers, she is especially interested in literacy for all ages, while her academic background in dance (MA) informs a constant quest to incorporate movement and music into the learning environment. Katharine is committed to making learning relevant to the students in ways that involve their active participation.

Susan House

Susan has been living in Madrid, Spain for the last 43 years. She spent her childhood in Libya, Malta, and Greece. After finishing her degree in London, she moved to Spain and specialized in language education. In 2006, she returned to university in London to study for an MA in the philosophy of education and specialized in children’s minds and the construction of concepts. She taught training courses for primary school teachers in Spain, Turkey, and Latin America; she also taught training modules on the MA course for bilingual education at the University of Salamanca, Spain; and provided teacher training for secondary school teachers in Abuja, Nigeria.