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Below is the proposal for informative Layer 1 and acceptance checkboxes for policies and consent to commercial communications, to be included as mandatory at the end of all forms where user, client, or potential user data is collected, whether they are registration forms or inquiry forms for more information, it is the same for all of them.

RESPONSIBLE PARTY: SM de Ediciones, S.A de C.V., located at Magdalena N° 211, Colonia Del Valle, Alcaldía Benito Juárez, Mexico City, Postal Code 03100, with Federal Taxpayer Registry number SED951207JX2.

PURPOSE: User registration for the selected activity, management of requested services, and sending communications about products and services from the SM group.

RIGHTS: You can access, rectify, and delete data, as well as exercise other legal rights by contacting our Data Protection Officer in writing ( For more information, please refer to our Privacy Notice (LINK).

• I have read and accept the Terms of Use (LINK) and the Privacy Notice (LINK).

• If I wish to receive commercial communications from the SM group.


Both checkboxes will be unchecked by default, and the user will have to check the first box to continue with sending the data.

The second checkbox is not mandatory to submit the form since it is explicit consent for commercial communication. Therefore, it will be included in the form if one of the purposes includes commercial communications. If there are no commercial communications involved, it is not necessary to include it. However, if there are such communications, it is mandatory to collect explicit consent for them.

Both checkbox values must be associated with the user in the database to provide evidence of their response when registering or providing their data to SM through the form.